Printing Blanket Renewal Program

Extend the life of your offset printing blankets and enjoy multiple uses on press with our award winning Printing Blanket Renewal technology. Slash your printing blanket costs by thousands of dollars with every order and eliminate tons of printing blanket waste from local landfills. Sheet-fed or web-fed, UV (traditional energy curable or LED), conventional or hybrid, new press or old press, let us show you how easy it is to convert your offset printing blankets from one-time use consumables into multi-use assets.

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Benefits of Our Service


Save Money

Our PIA/GATF Intertech award winning Blanket Renewal Program is designed to help you save approximately 50% of your annual printing blanket costs. This translates to thousands with every order and tens of thousands of dollars annually. See our price list.


Improve Productivity

We will identify issues slowing down your production and provide custom recommendations to make your press room more efficient. Our recommendations will keep your presses cleaner for longer, reduce press maintenance and reduce production downtime.


Eliminate Waste

Each time a blanket is renewed, the carbon emissions and raw materials required to manufacture a new blanket are eliminated. Printing blankets are also recycled, recovered or upcycled and never end up as landfill waste.

Customer Testimonials

The majority of North America's Benny Award winners are our customers. Only the best, most quality conscious and environmentally concerned printers in the world subscribe to our service. Watch the following testimonials, which illustrate that initial press room skepticism about our revolutionary technology is normal, until we prove otherwise using print science through our recommended testing method:

Quantum Group

Quantum Group based in Illinois, USA is one of the highest end printers in North America. They share their successes with the Blanket Renewal Program for skeptics to enjoy.

Pazazz Printing

Large format high quality printers, Pazazz Printing from Montreal, Canada discuss their wonderful experiences with the award winning Enviro Image Solutions Blanket Renewal Program for those who doubt its capabilities.

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Carefully place your 10 spent blankets in their original packaging.

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Ship the blankets to: Enviro Image Solutions
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Love it

We will ship your press ready renewed blankets back to your plant, together with our recommended testing method for trial on your press.

We are the only company in the world offering this service. Try it now, you have nothing to lose. Using print science, you will quickly learn that the print quality of your renewed blankets is exactly the same as that of new blankets.

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Savings Example


“Our company has been utilizing this program with great success. We're a primarily UV shop with around 15 machines running 24-7. Even with a half-hearted first year, we saved $100,000. Now that the pressmen and supervisors have bought in, I'm looking at a conservative forecast of around $250,000 this year, based upon the first 2 months of this year. It works, I promise you.” A. Ricker - Lehigh Phoenix

No Obligation Free Trial

Our Customers

As an offset lithographic printer, you can take advantage of our proprietary technology to convert your printing blankets from one-time use consumables into multi-use assets.

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