Printing Blanket Renewal Program

We enable commercial printers to reuse their offset printing blankets multiple times on press without compromise in print quality. Instead of throwing used printing blankets into the landfill after only one use, printers send their spent offset blankets to us for complete restoration to full quality. This allows the blanket to be reused on press multiple times, which saves money and the environment without any investment in expensive machinery. We offer a 10 blanket free trial to prove that the renewed blankets work as good as new.

Our service was presented with the INTERTECH TECHNOLOGY AWARD as sponsored by the Printing Industries of America and Graphic Arts Technical Foundation. Whether your equipment capabilities are sheet-fed or web-fed and you operate with either UV (traditional energy curable or LED), conventional or hybrid inks you are the ideal candidate. There are no restrictions or limitations in terms of blanket suppliers or blanket products.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our revolutionary offerings. We think that our FAQ section, pricing structure, and successful case studies would be a great place to start. Please also email us with anything that we have not covered. Let us convert your offset printing blankets into multi-use assets and become a part of your winning team. All it takes is ten spent blankets: FREE TRIAL

Why Renew and Reuse?


Save Money

You can safely budget cost savings of 50% of your annual printing blanket costs. This translates to tens of thousands of dollars annually for most printers. How much will you save?


Improve Productivity

As part of our service, we identify hidden production costs and provide custom recommendations to make your press room more efficient. Learn more about our fingerprinting techniques.


Eliminate Waste

Each time a blanket is renewed, the carbon emissions and raw materials required to manufacture a new blanket are eliminated. Printing blankets are also recycled, recovered or upcycled and never end up as landfill waste. Show your customers that you care.

Customer Testimonials

We are considered to be the "best kept secret" in the printing industry. However, some of our customers have been kind enough to share their experiences with the program for your reference. Enjoy their entertaining video testimonials below:

Quantum Group

Quantum Group based in Illinois, USA is one of the highest end printers in North America. Press crews and management share their long term successes with the Blanket Renewal Program.

Pazazz Printing

Large format Pazazz Printing from Montreal, Canada who are a PANTONE ® Certified Printer for their offset presses describe their unique experiences with the award winning Enviro Image Solutions Blanket Renewal Program.

Explore Next Steps

No Obligation Free Trial

The blankets do not always return looking like new. However, we do offer a free trial to prove that despite their looks, they will perform exactly like new blankets. Follow these three easy steps.

Box it

Carefully place your 10 spent blankets in their original packaging.

Ship it

Ship the blankets to: Enviro Image Solutions
1421 East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L IV7

Love it

We will ship your press ready renewed blankets back to your plant, together with our recommended testing method for trial on your press.

We are the only company in the world offering this service. Using print science, test the print quality of your renewed blankets at your own time on your own presses.

Test It

Savings Example

The majority of North America's Benny Award winners are our customers. Only the best, most quality conscious and environmentally concerned printers in the world subscribe to our service. Using our blanket comparison test, the performance of the renewed blankets should overshadow any initial press room skepticism or curiosity. The concept of 57% savings in blanket costs are illustrated below:


Use our on-line calculator to estimate your savings potential here.

Memorable Quotes

“Our company has been utilizing this program with great success. We're a primarily UV shop with around 15 machines running 24-7. Even with a half-hearted first year, we saved $100,000. Now that the pressmen and supervisors have bought in, I'm looking at a conservative forecast of around $250,000 this year, based upon the first 2 months of this year. It works, I promise you.” A. Ricker - Phoenix Color

The Outlook Group's Print Production Leader. Cal Vesely, said he learned about EIS from the InterTech Award publicity and began a methodical testing program of his own in their Neenah, Wisconsin plant on their three 40" Komori presses. Their product mix is quite diversified ranging from post cards, folding cartons, to book covers. He remarked that his pressmen initially were “skeptical” because the EIS renewed blankets “did not look new. Stains were often evident on the blankets” as they removed them from packaging to be remounted in press. When the EIS blankets worked flawlessly delivering exceptional print quality just like new blankets, “pressmen's attitudes were quickly won over.” Mr. Vesely fully expects to reach his goal of $64,000 of annual savings from this one initiative. The fully recyclable service for damaged blankets is an additional bonus.

More Case Studies

Our Customers

As an offset lithographic printer, you can take advantage of our proprietary technology to convert your printing blankets from one-time use consumables into multi-use assets.

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